TVT Capital is a pioneer and market leader in bridge loans to a variety of industries such as variety of industries. TVT can provide funding from $15M to $20M as a bridge to an equity deal or a just general working capital facility. Our strategy is based upon years of working with businesses that are either constrained by traditional commercial institutions or simply do not have access.

TVT Capital provides both first and second lien loans and is often able to structure a financing that is complementary to an existing credit facility. We provide covenant light working capital, growth capital, acquisition capital or special situation financing, with terms that range from 3 to 24 months. TVT Capital is a market leader in providing 2nd lien loans to companies who have additional capital needs beyond what their existing senior lender is willing to provide. This unique product is tailored to companies who have an existing senior lender, can demonstrate sufficient cash flows and are looking for an accretive capital solution.

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Funding range from $15M to $20M 

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Middle Market Business Funding is a fast, professional, informative alternative business funding service. As direct lenders, TVT Capital specializes in establishing and facilitating relationships between our marketplace of brokers and their borrowers – we make funding easy!

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TVT Capital listens to your needs and business goals and helps you every step to find the best-fit finance solution.

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